Our bionic mascot has been launched!

19 03 2010

we now have a super-strong bionic puffle! It can only be called up by Bluebleh. Check the mascot page for more information!


New editor-sub sites

11 03 2010

The commander of Angry feet now also has access to the site. He will also be moderating, and posting things. Angry feet also has their seperate page, their link is on the right. Panda also has a site(linked here, thanks ryan), made by ryry which he will also moderate.

happy birthday-blue

11 03 2010

The holy brothers have existed for a year now! To celebrate this we have a mini box now to chat!

new ??? page-chat names

9 03 2010

Have you guys noticed the ??? page on the page list?
That is the hq of the leaders of bluebleh. They will discuss there.
They are the only ones that know the password!

and here are our new chat room nicknames! If you don’t like yours, say it on the comments of the chat page and ill chnge it for ya.
ryan: private ryan
Patrick: Patrick star
william: willpower
elliot: Helliot
Ian: iggy
Arnold: Ernie

site remodel-logos

9 03 2010

thanks for your patience, the site is being rebuilt as a bluebleh site. The URL and title will stay holybrothers though(youve gotta keep some old stuff)!

Also, were creating a few logos. Hand in your sketch, and it might be posted! We will have a poll in a week or so to decide which one is the best. Check out this one!

Ok people, major change in HB.

7 03 2010

We will still like ninjas and all that, but the HB now is covered by a team called Bluebleh. It is split into three factions, The evil squirrels, killer pandas, and angry feet. they will both have a page on the HB website soon and own website.

New logo-Ninja Edit

8 04 2009

What do you guys think? Should it become our logo?(looks kinda like Call Of Duty 4 one though)